Investors - C4H


If a CIC-PT investment is of interest our fund managers and ourselves are available to present example cash flows for each investment site with an outline of the security and overall yields. A supply and delivery chain has been developed such that best in class partners will compete on a tender basis for the services, development and subsequent management and maintenance.

It is intended that our funds will primarily contain PRS residential units which will be sold on a flexible timetable to produce optimal receipts to the CIC-PT whilst facilitating mixed tenure communities. Any market sales will have regard to the general economic conditions and house prices and as such the sales strategy will target disposals at optimum parts of the market cycle.


Typically c.8%+ Gross and 6%+ Nett of all fees (on open market land purchases) where Nett income yields (from rentals) are c.3.5% to 4.5% which are largely dependent upon city or out of town locations. Long term capital sales raise Nett yields to 6% plus.

Social Investment:

Local authorities particularly with stretched budgets have been particularly interested in securing future commitments of the C4H development profit as its recovered for particular social investment purposes. (e.g. Schools, Creche’s, community facilities etc)

A successful supported community provides additional peace of mind to investors too.

All investors will be considered “Expert investors” and as such may or may not require additional advice from our Fund Manager who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Notes and Disclaimers:

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