HCA and TSA 01/10

 In recent months C4H have met both these authorities amid rumours that one will be culled after the next election.  The HCA made three main statements: Isn’t this exciting, we can’t make out why no one has done this before, and what can we do to help?
We are sure others are developing similar models and they may evolve to adopt some of our more successful elements.  Indeed we may evolve to adopt some of their more successful elements as they come to the fore, but one thing is for sure – the market needs private finance solution to work.  

The TSA on the other hand said “We can’t see from the last two meetings anything that would stop us supporting what you are doing”.  However they rightly pointed out that support would be in parallel with the other alternative models and finance mechanisms they feel will also play a part in the longer term finance of this market place.  Talks continue.