About Us - C4H

About Us

Catalyst for Homes (C4H) as a Community Interest Company (CIC), has three main objectives:

1. Create an attractive low risk, but commercial income yield, via scalable residential investment opportunities.

2. Provide consistent new home delivery, addressing financing and viability constraints via blue chip builders without government subsidy.

3. Provide long term social investment, with measured success of the communities created.

C4H are a uniquely diverse CIC team, drawn from charity, local authority, social housing, RP financing and development organisations.

We believe the C4H solution will create a step change in pension fund / institutional investment, overall annual build numbers, and the levels of consequential investment into new communities. This solution positively contributes towards social investment over and above S106 and lifts housing supply away from market condition susceptibility, as attempts are made to dampen the UK’s “Boom and Bust cycles”.

We are looking to match ourselves with parties of a similar long term, low risk and socially responsible outlook such as, regional development authorities, RPs, pension funds, LAs, CICs, charities and local CSR organisations.

This is a first of its kind CIC investment opportunity, creating communities without government subsidy that can measurably channel the traditional delivery focus on profit towards investor yields and social investment.

The CIC finance and delivery solution’s time has come and we hope you find sufficient information here to explore this market evolution further with us.