Catalyst for Homes (C4H) is a groundbreaking Community Interest Company (CIC).

C4H aims to channel large scale investment via a property trust (CIC-PT) to create mixed tenure managed residential communities that provide investors with a scalable investment, low risk exposure but commercial returns.

This is a pre-purchase, finance, delivery and management solution, via a CIC and offshore trust without Government subsidy.

Our Solution;

The way in which the solution can be adapted to meet the needs of each site and individual investors requirements is very simple;

C4H builds exclusively for the property trust CIC-PT. This trust can receive income from two sources: Primarily from each sites medium / long term rental and sales of the private stock. But also as nearly all sites require an element of affordable housing, long term fixed rate loans to Registered Providers are often available to investors also.

Since CIC-PT only purchases each property once they are completed, it takes no development risk.  Returns are substantially underwritten by the retained C4H developer profit accrued as CIC-PT purchases the newly built private homes at an agreed investment market value; this profit is left in the deal and only repaid to C4H over the investment period as annual returns are met.

Moreover, since C4H is a community interest company, as profit is recovered we recycle the profits further by investing in the built communities via local social enterprise activity.

This combination of no development risk, substantially underwritten returns, and community reinvestment makes the C4H solution uniquely attractive for investors, and local authorities.

I hope you will find sufficient information here to investigate our vision with us further. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Adam Sampson

Non-exec chair C4H and former CEO Shelter.